Cat Rates

SUITES 1 2 Cats
Deluxe Suite

  • Extra Large Room with two sets
    of windows, a chair to curl up
    in and soft cushions and blankets.
$30.00 $40.00
Executive Suite

  • Large Window over looking the bird feeder and gardens. Private window ledge with cushions and blankets.
$27.00 $37.00

Please see our accommodations!


Please allow 15 minutes to check-in if this is your first visit to The Pet Hotel. We will discuss your pet’s medical history, habits, likes and dislikes, feeding and exercise schedule.


Proof of current vaccinations for all pets are required upon registration to the Hotel.


Activity: Grooming

Each Day your pet’s Suite recieves housekeeping.
The floors are swept & washed, water changed and blankets fluffed.
Eyes are checked and coats are brushed. We finish with “Thank You” Treat.

Activity: Cuddle Time

After each feeding and right before lights out extra time
is spent in each kitty’s suite. Lots of gentle talk and good scratches have
everyone purrrring.

Activity: Exploring

Throughout the day each guest is invited to stretch their legs
in our large secure reception area. New smells, window sills and a box of toys entertain each pet. One of the favorite spots to be is right on Suzanne’s Desk while she is trying to take phone reservations.